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The Great Family Adventure Race.png

Families, we're challenging YOU to connect with one another and complete activities that will create fun memories for you and your kids. Throughout the summer, we'll introduce new challenges that you can do at home, in your neighborhood, and even on summer vacation! Don't be afraid to get creative and go all out with your family, we'll have prizes along the way and a few grand prizes at the end of the summer.


Are you ready to compete in The Great Family Adventure Race? GREAT! But before we issue your first challenge on June 2, let's go over the ground rules…



The activities you complete and the photos you take should all be found around your home and community. Any required supplies for a particular activity will be provided for you. If at any point you find yourself thinking you need to swipe your credit card to finish a challenge, don't do it! Spending money is one of the only ways to get disqualified from this game.



All photos, videos, items, and challenge confirmations must be submitted before the final deadline or they will not be counted – so make sure you send all of your photos over.

before 11:59 PM  on August 4, 2024.



Each challenge will come with its difficulty level, but above all else, this event is designed for you to have a great time together. Be creative, make a plan with your family, and remember to laugh and enjoy this time together.

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