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Do you have a child entering 4th-12th grade this coming school year? Then we highly encourage you to register your child for camp today!

Summer camp is a week meant to encourage and challenge your child in their faith by taking them out of their everyday routine and environment. At camp, kids will make memories that last a lifetime and develop deep and new friendships with their peers.

Camp is a HUGE part of my (Pastor Bri's) own faith story - it's where I understood for the first time in my life (even though I grew up going to church) the depth of the Savior's love for me and the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus. Camp is where I was baptized and camp is where I felt my call into ministry. Parents, if you've never sent your kids to camp before, I would strongly encourage you to consider it this summer, you never know how camp can impact your child's faith for the rest of their life.


  • Quest Camp (6th-12th grade)

    • Location: Green Lake Conference Center in Greenlake, WI

    • Dates: June 23-28

    • Cost: $345

  • Junior Camp (4th-6th grade)

    • Location: White Memorial Camp in Council Grove, KS

    • Dates: July 21-25

    • Cost: $385

How to Sign Up and Pay for Camp:

  1. Click on the Link Below for the camp that your kid(s) will be attending this summer. You will fill out one form per child if you are registering more than one for camp.

    1. Quest Camp Registration

      1. There are three forms that you'll need to upload with the form. They are linked directly in the registration form and can be emailed to Pastor Bri (

      2. Remember that your kids will need to bring money for 4 meals (2 there, 2 on the way back), plus any extra for snacks, concessions, etc.

    2. Junior Camp Registration

      1. How will you be paying?

        1. Make sure to select "Church Pay."

        2. The church will collect payments directly and send a check to the region for summer camp.

      2. Select your White Memorial Camp.

        1. Make sure to select "Junior Camp - July 21-25 ($385)."

        2. Don't select anything for Camp Christy.

      3. Fill out this FORM and bring it into the office, email it to Pastor Bri, or turn it in when we leave for camp.

  2. I will reach out to you after you've registered your child for summer camp about your expected family contribution. Many of our kids have fundraiser a significant portion, if not all of their camp funds this season. For families, who are looking for an additional fundraiser opportunity, please send me an email. If you're curious about what your family's financial responsibility is before signing your child up for camp, please send me an email or a message.

    1. Payment Options:

      1. Check - Make Checks Available to First Baptist Church. On the Memo Line please write, "Camp - Child's Name"

      2. PayPal - Pay the church wirelessly by searching ""

      3. Cash - Please bring in an envelope labeled with "Camp - Child's Name."

      4. Card - You may come into the office to pay with a credit card.

      5. Our office is open M-F from 8:30-5:30 PM. Our staff typically takes the noon hour for lunch. If you need to come in over your lunch or towards the end of the day (after 5 and before 5:30), please let us know ahead of time, so we can make sure that someone is here and ready to collect payment.

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