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This summer we're inviting students to dive deeper into the community with one another and to grow in their faith by participating in a once-a-week Bible study hosted by various families and/or older individuals/couples in our church who have a safe, clean, and welcoming home for our young people to gather.

Interested in hosting? Here's the details:

  1. Contact Pastor Bri ( or call (785)267-0380.

  2. Host homes need to have a space that can accommodate 10-15 people in one room. Bonus points if you have something fun in your home that our students can utilize while they gather. (Think game room, pool, fire pit, large backyard, etc).

  3. All adult hosts must be background checked, approved, and review and sign our children and youth protection policy. We'd love for you to be present with our students as an opportunity to build intergenerational relationships with one another.

  4. The commitment is 2.5-3 hours one time in the summer. Our gathering time will include a middle school and high school small group, a meal, and a time for fun.

Interested in providing a meal? Here's the details:

  1. Contact Pastor Bri ( or call (785)267-0380.

  2. Provide a meal that can feed 10-15 people, please be mindful that some of our students have dietary restrictions that need to be accommodated.

  3. Meals can be homemade with love or lovingly prepared by someone you pay (store/restaurant bought).

We are working on determining a day of the week and times that work for our youth leaders. Once we have that information identified, we will update this page.

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