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Whether your kids consider themselves athletes or sports are not their go-to activity on a summer day, Go for the Gold is designed to be an event that promotes healthy competition, creative problem-solving, and hours of laughter. From water balloon archery to a DIY version of Connect Four, this silly sports day has something for absolutely every kid to love. Throughout this event, kids will be able to work with their team while traveling freely from station to station where they can learn a new game and win points for their team.

With the Summer Olympics starting at the end of July, we're inviting kids to participate in their own version of the games on August 3.

How you can get involved:

  1. Get involved with planning and prep! We need creative and organized individuals to help us make this event a success well before we open the doors to kids in our community. We're also striving to make this event as inclusive and accessible as possible for kids of all abilities to have fun! 

  2. Volunteer during the event! We need folks with all sorts of gifts to help lead this event - from people who love leading high-energy stations to those who thrive behind the scenes, to those who enjoy making kids and families feel safe and welcome!

  3. Donate supplies! We're working on putting together a supply list, many of the items we need are household supplies or cost less than or as much as a drink from Starbucks.

  4. Pray for the event! Our hope for this event is to create a safe, fun, Christ-honoring, and memorable time for kids in our community to enjoy one last hurrah before going back to school! We'd be honored for you to include this, and any other NextGen programming in your prayers this summer. 

More information and registration coming soon!

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