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"Sharing Christ, Nurturing People"

Current Message Series:
I Witness: Stories of the Risen Jesus


Big Idea of the Series: This series highlights four events that occurred after the resurrection of Jesus and the importance of these events in how Christians understand who Jesus is and why the faith matters.

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FBC Church Directory 2024

Our last directory from 2019 is outdated and it’s time for a new one.  We want everyone to get a new picture taken so that our new directory will be complete. IT WON’T BE COMPLETE WITHOUT YOU!


You must make your appointment online by clicking the link below or at the following…

  • Friday Weekly Newsletter (sent on Friday’s at Noon)

  • on our Facebook page (there is a pinned post that will have the link)

  • on our website

Click the link to schedule you photo time today!


Photo dates are:

Friday, May 3rd from 2pm - 8:30pm &

Saturday, May 4th from 10am - 4:30pm
You will have a professional photography session, view your proofs, pick out your FREE 8x10 photo and have the opportunity to purchase extra portraits for family and friends. Time slots are for 10 minutes so it is not a lengthy process. Please, sign-up today! In April we will have volunteers in the Narthex, before and after worship to help with online signups.


If you are unable to make it to the church to have your photos taken, contact Jamie in the office at 785-267-0380 so we can arrange a time for someone to come to you and take your photo for the Directory.



*to help with sign ups in the Narthex during April before and after worship.

*to help on May 3rd & 4th to help families get to the right rooms for photos & viewing.

*to help take photos of our Homebound Members at their homes.

If any of the above sound like something you may be good at or would like to help with, please let Jamie know!

Welcoming you home

We are a faith community where people from all walks of life can find hope and love regardless of one's life journey. As a faith community, we gather to worship, pray, learn, grow, and walk through life together


We have five core values: children and youth, mission opportunities, relationship with Christ,
Biblically based, and meeting individual’s needs.


We have small groups for children, youth, adults, and senior adults. Spending time in small groups helps us to connect with one another as we journey together following Jesus' teachings. 


Our worship service last about 60 minutes and it includes prayer, scripture, message, and live music. It begins at 10:30 a.m. Sunday mornings. Click the button below to watch 'live stream.'

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