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I am Freda Ensley. I am 58 years old and the grandmother of 5.  My significant other of so many years that I lost count is Wesley Stewart and he has worked at Unifirst for 24 years. Together we have 3 children (he has 2 daughters, his oldest daughter has 3 kids. I have one son and he has 2 boys).  That equals 5 little ones who all call me Grandma!!  That is the part of my life that I love the best I think!!! :)


I used to work at Lowman Methodist in their nursery before coming to First Baptist Church.  I LOVE LOVE my kiddos in our nursery and seriously I feel so blessed to be a part of their lives and I am 100% blessed to have them in mine!  It doesn’t matter what happened during the week in my life that may have caused me to frown, because the minute I arrive at church and see Ben or Isaac (our two regular kiddos) or any of the little cutie pies that might join us...I instantly smile and forget all the stressfulness of my work week.


I do have an amazing day job at Midland Care Connection as their PACE Medical Records Specialists for about 4 years now. Other than working at Midland and spending as MUCH time as possible watching my grandsons play baseball or going shopping with our 4 year old granddaughter (the only girl out of the 5 grandkids) or just spending time with them...I don't do much else but I am always ready to play some Golf!!  

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